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Masterclass Applications

Application to participate in the FILMMAKING MASTERCLASS

Please accurately complete the form below and submit to apply for enrolment into the masterclass. Closing date for applications, 22 October 2021

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    The next instalment of the Rustenburg Film Festival will amongst it’s 22 Workshops run a more focused Filmmaking Masterclass geared towards producing 15 – 20 high quality filmmakers who will be enrolled in a pre-application method. 5 of the 20 filmmakers enrolled into the masterclass will be extracted from filmmakers who submitted film projects to the festival but were not selected. We believe that filmmaking requires passion and a certain drive that can only be displayed by filmmakers who are active and have done something; good or bad.

    The masterclass will run for 3 days during the festival focusing on Writing & Directing albeit the special class of 2021 will also be exposed to other key workshops during and after the festival. The masterclasses will be tackled by industry professionals who come with massive experience in the film industry.



    In a jam packed 2 days, filmmakers enrolled in the masterclass program will be taken through professional storytelling techniques for film. They will learn how to write a compelling story, develop believable and relatable characters, write different types of stories depending on the medium, e.g. Writing a short story (for short film), writing for television, writing a typical narrative feature. The group will then learn about typical key writing tools & processes utilised by experienced writers and finally explore funding mechanisms and organisations associated with development stage of the filmmaking process.




    The art & craft of the Film Director is a vital skill in the industry. This masterclass presented by 2 industry professionals will explore techniques of successfully converting a story from script to screen. The masterclass will feature amongst key topics, ‘Directing Actors’ which is the major part of creating a good story.



    The masterclass continues after the festival with the class being continually mentored as they develop and produce, 3 short films and 1 TV/Feature film. The film will be developed under close consultation and supervision by the Directors. The feature film will be used to open the 2022 instalment of the festival.



    The filmmaking masterclass program is not designed for first time inexperienced filmmakers. It is designed for elevating the level of existing skill to greater heights, expose filmmakers to the industry and promote talent. Therefore the following will play a major part for accepting participants into the masterclass program;

    1. Participants must be proficient in English (which will be used as the medium of instruction). Applicants will be required to submit evidence proving proficiency
    2. Filmmaking background and knowledge. Applicants will be required to provide evidence of prior education in film-related studies, workshops and Seminar attendance including online tutorials will be accepted
    3. Applicants are required to have written and / or directed a minimum of 2 films of duration of 5 minutes and above. Student films during a film-related study will be accepted. Ensure this is reflected very clearly in the video you submit a link for
    4. Applicants will be required to declare availability / internet access for the program and ability to travel to and stay in Rustenburg whenever required by the program. The full program will run from October 2021 to March 2022 in which some instances will require physical meetings
    5. The program is only open to any filmmaker but the films and masterclass workshops will be done in the North West province.

    Only applicants meeting the 5 requirements above will be considered for enrolment into the RFF21 Filmmaking Masterclass program.