Illuminating Cinematic Talents

Over the past years, RFF has played a pivotal role in connecting and nurturing filmmaking talent across the province through various initiatives delivered under its inaugural title, Bojanala Film Week. Since inception, RFF has provided filmmaking skills to more than a thousand aspiring filmmakers. Many of these individuals have since become independent filmmakers, producing content for notable broadcasters.

Key Objectives of RFF:

At RFF, we empower film-makers and engage audiences in the North West province and beyond. Through inclusive workshops and diverse screenings during the festival, we bridge gaps in access to the film industry. From beginner basics to advanced master classes to basic information sessions, we nurture local talent, fostering a vibrant film culture and pathways for filmmakers.


Networking is the lifeblood of our industry, RFF provides an unparalleled opportunity for local filmmakers to connect with the broader film industry. As the premier event of its kind in the province, RFF brings together top-name filmmakers from across the country and abroad under one roof, a catalyst for collaboration, fostering partnerships and co-productions among filmmakers.


Promotion is at the core of RFF. We empower filmmakers by exposing their creative works to funders, distributors and other key personnel in the film’s value chain. Additionally, RFF aims to position the North West province as an attractive destination for filmmakers, both domestic and international, thereby contributing to film tourism in the region.

Industry Forums:

Where inspiration meets expertise. Engage in dynamic workshops, insightful talks, and collaborative panel discussions to elevate your craft, expand your network, and ignite your passion for filmmaking. Join us as we empower and inspire the next generation of cinematic storytellers.